Vriendschap Village Residents Sell Boxed Lunches for a Cause

Friday May 17th was a busy morning at Vriendschap Village! The boxed lunches were being sold as a fundraiser for two young children through Crossroads to help them go to camp this summer.

The residents all chipped in alongside the staff and put together the boxed lunches for our fundraiser. These lunches included Pella bologna and Gouda cheese on a local bakery bun, homemade Scotcharoo’s, an apple and a bag of chips. With all the residents coming to help they were able to complete 400 boxed lunches in only 30 minutes! The residents were so happy to see the many faces of Pella stop through their lunch time to grab a box and support our cause. We had a few places who ordered enough to have their orders delivered by two staff members!

We want to thank everyone that stopped out and purchased a boxed lunch to help make our fundraiser successful!!

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