Vriendschap Village Hosts 1st Annual Chili Chili Bang Bang Cook-Off

On Tuesday, Vriendschap Village hosted their 1st Annual Chili Cook-Off Competition. Our 3 judges scored each chili based on best taste, aroma, appearance, texture and overall favorite at the event. The judges included Jim Hibma from Crossroads of Pella, Dave Tornabane from Kindred at Home and Todd Smith from PRHC. 7 different residents and their families entered the contest. The event was open to the public to attend, and residents of Vriendschap Village also voted for their favorite.

Winners of the Competition:
Overall Favorite and Best Texture – Mike Icenbice
Best Aroma – Marie VanMaanen
Best Taste – Margaret Munday
Best Appearance and Residents’ Favorite Overall – Vivian Glendening

A chili cook-off is another new adventure the management team decided to tackle and it proved to be a success. Vrienschap Village will host this again next year so get your recipes ready!

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