Mobility Worldwide – PET Carts and the Ministry Behind Them

Pete Verhey of Mobility Worldwide from Leighton Iowa gave a presentation about the PET carts that are peddled by hand. It provides mobility for many across the world.

PET International is based in Columbia Missouri. They have 20+ branches across the country. There is a branch in Leighton Iowa. The focus of PET is to build these units and provide them around the globe to provide mobility to those in need. The secondary focus is to provide a productive way to SERVE for retired folks across the country.

At Leighton, they work in an old school building, now the workshop. They hand build and hand paint the wooden body. The metal frames are welded by local farmers. Then the metal pieces are taken to a local machinery manufacturer who paints them, for free. Each cart is then assembled, tested, then disassembled. They are then boxed and prepared for shipment.

These dedicated volunteers work 2 days a week. Last year, this group built 550 carts. Many go to Africa and Haiti.

We have several residents that volunteer and help assemble the PET carts.

Thanks Pete for donating your time and knowledge to educate us!

P.E.T. Presentation 1
Presentation at Vriendschap

P.E.T. Presentation 2
Presentation at Vriendschap

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