How Does Your Garden Grow?

All summer long, Vriendschap Village receives weekly flower deliveries from a local business that grows farm-fresh flowers that are hand picked each week! We love all of the arrangements that are brought to us, and there is always such a great variety. Our residents wanted to take a ride over to the local flower farm called Barnswallow Flowers to learn about where the flowers are coming from, so we took them on a special trip!

When we first arrived to the farm, Meredith joined us on the bus to give us an up close automobile tour around their gardens. We were able to drive right up around their largest garden to see all of the rows of flowers, tomatoes, carrots, and wild grass that they grow! Meredith spoke about how the farm use to be used for hogs and cattle, but her parents wanted to take the farm in a different direction. The family sold their animals to fulfill their mom’s dream of owning a farm-fresh flower business. We learned about everything they do on the farm to help prevent bugs from destroying their crop, planting natural barriers from the wind or animals, using organic methods instead of chemicals, and even where they got their name from!

Everything is hand picked by the family or their volunteers from both Central College in Pella and William Penn in Oskaloosa. Meredith and her mother are so excited to continue to grow their farm and work with surrounding restaurants to help provide them with fresh, organic produce. If you haven’t already, we would highly recommend giving them a call for a visit or to order a bouquet!

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