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When you can have a national wildlife refuge in your back yard, you wouldn’t want to pass up the opportunity to see some amazing animals up-close and personal! Last week, we boarded the bus and traveled down the road to Prairie City for a scenic drive through the Neal Smith Wildlife Refuge. Sometimes as you drive through the automobile tour, you might miss your chance to see the bison and elk – but we were very lucky, as the bison came right up to the fence next to the road!

Residents on this adventure were very curious and had many questions. In attempt to call the bison over, Marty chuckled as he mooed at them, which elicited laughter from his friends as well. We decided to look up the sound that a bison makes, and discovered that they communicate with grunting/sneezing noises. We turned the bus off so we could hear them better without the noise of the engine. It was so quiet and peaceful to be surrounded by nature’s beauty!

Upon further investigation, we learned that both males and females grow horns. Another resident inquired about the difference between a bison and a buffalo; it turns out they are not the same, but tend to be confused with one another! Although we didn’t see any elk on our scenic drive, it has been said that a sighting of the elk is pretty rare.

If you haven’t had a chance to drive through the automobile tour at the Neal Smith Wildlife Refuge, we highly recommend it! They also have a learning center where you can learn more about the animals that are at the refuge, as well as more information about the surrounding area.

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