Giving Back to the Community – Angel Tree Camp

We had some visitors from the Angel Tree Camp come in and talk about all of the great things that Angel Tree does for the children that attend, and ways that we are able to give back and help! Angel Tree Camp helps children who have at least one parent incarcerated, and gives them an opportunity to grow in their faith along with providing them a week to meet new friends.

The residents at Vriendschap Village were eager to help them out, and we all chipped in to help stuff backpacks that are provided to the children for the week. The bags included items like a clean towel, a toothbrush and toothpaste, either a comb or a hairbrush, a notebook, a card to write to someone they care about, a pen, body soap and shampoo. They also get to keep the bag that everything comes in!

We packed 100 bags for these children that have camp coming up next week, and we are so happy that we could help out the organization in getting these bags put together for them. We love to give back to our community in any way possible!

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